Take the Plunge

Conversation | forge | 1st September 2017

Plunge is about God and the Bible, you and the world you live in.

Plunge is a one year discipleship and leadership program provided by Morling College, where you’ll look up as you grow your relationship with God, look in as you discover who you are, and look out as you reach your local and global communities. Plunge is a year of focused biblical and spiritual engagement for 18–23 year olds looking to journey deeper into life and faith.

Plunge is an opportunity to become equipped as a leader, prepared to live out dynamic faith, radical lifestyle, and adventurous mission. Plunge will help you explore topics such as Theology and the Bible; Personal Development; Spiritual Formation; and Engaging Faith, Culture, and the Planet. You’ll explore your faith in the very midst of daily life and serve your community in the process. Throughout the year you will have the opportunity to engage in a number of key experiences as we work alongside our community partners. As we do this you will learn through hands-on experience, teaching and reflection.

For more information about Plunge visit the website.