Is this your dream job?

Do you love watching TV and movies … and giving your opinion on them? Imagine if that was your job and you got to travel to film festivals around the world. Sound like a dream? Well, that’s what Christian Alissa Wilkinson does for a living! Join Alissa – a New York writer, critic and scholar – […]

A conversational look at theology

Review: Thinking the Faith, Living the Faith: An introduction to Christian Theology Author: Chris Walker Thinking the Faith, Living the Faith by Chris Walker (Sydney: Uniting Church Press, 2017) is subtitled An introduction to Christian Theology. A ministry colleague and friend tells me that only theologians are interested in theology, and many of the introductory books are heavy in both […]

What is About Face?

About FACE stands for Faith And Cultural Exchange and has been an activity of the National Uniting Church in Australia since 1984.  It is open to anyone over 18 years of age to attend and the next program will take place from 3rd – 20th January, 2018. About FACE involves briefing, time living in Congress Aboriginal communities, participating in the UAICC […]

RU really OK

“Hey how are you?” It’s a question most of us get asked daily and almost immediately the reflex answer is, “Yeah, good and you?” The same spiel of niceties that you’re both hoping will end soon, so you can get back to thinking about what you’re actually stressing or worried about that day. Because who […]

Ready Pastor One

One of my favorite books on technology is a complete work of fiction. It’s called Ready Player One, a novel written by Ernest Cline, and soon-to-be a major motion picture directed by Steven Spielberg. Ready Player One tells the story of Wade Watts, who is living in a dystopian American future amidst a world in crisis (wait, […]

Embracing faith and living your dream

One half of the Sydney Hope 103.2 breakfast radio duo, Laura Bennett says her faith continually inspires her creative endeavours. Back in 2010, Laura Bennett was on the last leg of completing her media degree and had just won a competition to become a radio apprentice with Sydney’s Hope 103.2 community radio station. Fast forward […]

When did we forgot about our ocean?

Review: Blue (PG) Maddison Stewart, Philip Mango, Dr Jennifer Lavers, Tim Silverwood Living in Australia, surrounded by the ocean often means the beach is never too far away. Yet after we sunbathe on the sands and dive into the surf, do we really stop and consider what is happening to the ocean? More importantly, do we […]