A word from a wise 14-year-old

“What do you fear the most… No seriously what do you fear the most? I’m asking this because we all have fears and we all have different ways of facing them. Like with having a fear of heights, you can just look away from the edge; or a fear of spiders, you could kill it […]

Breathe, Reflect, Wonder, Listen..

I want to start by saying – You have all done an amazing job of just living through this pandemic. I must confess I was surprised to see I will have almost a month off in coming weeks and I know that many of you will be preparing for likewise. Once we get past the […]

Gifts with a message!

As we start to prepare for Christmas and things get busy, let’s get intentional about supporting the children in our church. Why not make them special gifts with meaning. There are so many very clever ideas about how to encourage and inspire kids in their faith. People have come up with the craziest ideas to […]

SRE – an opportunity to share the love of God in the community!

Did you know that in NSW ACT Synod we have over 260 people teaching scripture every week from the Uniting Church. If everyone of them only taught 1 class of 25 children they have shared the good news of Jesus with 6,500 children EVERY WEEK!!!! We know that some of these teachers teach many more […]

YouLEAD+ Young Leaders Training Initiative

Pulse is so excited to be launching YouLEAD+ just in time for 2021! If you are a young leader or would like to grow your leadership skills and ministry are from 18 -35, YouLEAD+ could be an option for you! YouLEAD+ is a 1 year leadership development programme that seeks to grow young leaders in […]

Naidoc Week – Messy Church style!

Naidoc week this year has been moved to November, it is an opportunity for all Australians to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People. There will be many events and celebrations going on across the country to celebrate Naidoc Week, why not see what is happening in your local […]

Are you ready? Every congregation, Emerging Gen ready!

At Pulse we have a dream, we would like to see every Uniting Church in the Synod prepared and ready, for any child, family, youth or young adult that comes into their church. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, your congregation can be ready and prepared for any young people that come […]

To Halloween or not to Halloween, is that a question?

It is amazing how your attitude towards things changes over time. Before kids I was so anti-Halloween, I believed it was an American Pagan tradition, that Australia and Christians should have no part in! It was just a cheap tacky way for companies to make money. Add to that the whole for the rest of […]

Healthy Churches Forum | Mark Pierson | Advent: What Are You Waiting For?

A couple of weeks ago I was able to go to Mark Pierson’s workshop on Advent. I have known Mark for a long time, he has been formational to me in exploring the boundaries between faith, worship and creativity. The workshop did not disappoint. Mark has a love for how we can explore faith and […]

Getting ready for Christmas in COVID times

We have had an interesting year and it is not over yet! We are creeping towards Christmas and it leaves lots of questions about what shall we do? I know that alot of Uniting Churches run amazing services and experiences for families during this time. Carols are a big hit, nativity plays, family services, prayer […]