Getting ready for Christmas in COVID times

We have had an interesting year and it is not over yet! We are creeping towards Christmas and it leaves lots of questions about what shall we do? I know that alot of Uniting Churches run amazing services and experiences for families during this time. Carols are a big hit, nativity plays, family services, prayer […]

Mentoring – Learning for young and old

The Pule team are currently prepping for what is on the calendar next year. As we ramp up our suite of YouLEAD training options we realised that for young leaders to truly thrive required great Mentors, who take the learning and help Mentees translate it into their reality. The conversation began as we explored our […]

GUEST POST | Our home group during COVID

Our “home group” has been meeting fortnightly in the same house for a while. We share a cuppa and some food, catch up on what’s happening, do a bible study of some sort and pray together. Back in March, like everything else, our group stopped meeting in response to the emerging pandemic. We met a […]

Online resources for Children and Families

As we yoyo back and forward between face to face and online, it can get exhausting and hard to know where to even start! So here are a bunch of online Ministry options to use with children and families. These are in no way exhaustive but they have been shared with us as something that […]

This is God’s work

This prayer came across my desk this morning and I felt it quietly summed up what I have been wanting to say to people for a while.. It was written by Thomas Merton who was a Trappist Monk from Kentucky who died 2 years before I was born. In this job I get the opportunity […]

It only takes one…

There has been some really interesting research coming out at the moment from across the world about where people who don’t attend Church, are at spiritually.It started a week ago when I was listening to the radio (yes I confess I listen to Christian radio) McCrindle had done some research and discovered that a third […]

Emerging Gen COVID Update | 4th August 2020

COVID NOTICE! The latest advice regarding meeting for worship has been made available here. I have just had confirmation from Synod Executive that “not meeting for worship” extends to and includes other groups, playgroups, kids clubs and youth groups. If you must meet in a group that is essential the 4m2 rule applies, as well […]

Why are you still a Christian?

This year Pulse started a pilot project about how we grow and support young leaders in the Uniting Church. There are 10 or so young leaders who are in the experiment. During one of our sessions we spent some time with Ian Robinson, the Lecturer in Mission and Evangelism at UTC. He asked the question […]

Jesus says: Let the Children come to me.

In Jesus time, the adults were very serious about their faith, children were secondary. Most of the time the adults were so busy being serious about their faith that they didn’t even notice what was going on with the children. Does this sound familiar? The last couple of months have been difficult, the church has […]

How can congregations engage in the Messy experiences of life?

Messy Church is a fun and engaging ways to connect with families that are unlikely to turn up to traditional styles of worship. With the issues around Covid it has been difficult to know how to connect with families, the hope was that face to face was going to be back on track soon but […]