How a kid’s lunch can save your church

You could almost blink and miss it. A small boy offers up the five barley loaves and two fish packed for him as lunch so that Jesus might reveal to everyone who he really is. I recently had the privilege to share a message at my home church, Terrigal Uniting. Never one to miss an […]

Supporting Year 12 students through the HSC exam block

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone – not least of which our year 12 students. Their world and major exams have been turned upside down and inside out through the effects of the Coronavirus. We in the PULSE team would like to encourage congregations to rise to the challenge in supporting our senior […]

What’s that app doing?!

It can be difficult to keep up with the latest app that everyone is talking about. Is it safe? Is it spying on me when I’m using it (and when I’m not)? For parents and young people concerned about what apps do what – and believe me, lots of them are doing a lot more […]

PULSE 2020-2021 Calendar

Time to get planning, friends! While COVID-19 has knocked us all for a turn, the PULSE team are leaning in and preparing an entire year of amazing events you and your young people can take part in across 2020, through 2021, and into early 2022. Click on the image below to download the calendar (note […]

Saving your church from Young Adults – a HOWTO guide

The following post is a satirical, tongue-in-cheek look at “the church”. We know that no church intentionally excludes young people or anyone… and we know that sometimes the choices we make have an unintentional impact on others. The PULSE team acknowledge that there are many congregations who are working hard to love and encourage Young […]

Taking Jesus’ message seriously | GROWING YOUNG

Every church says they do – what does it mean when it comes to your ministry with Emerging Generations? One of the six core commitments of a church that is growing young is their dedication to take Jesus’ message seriously. Obviously every church says they do, so why aren’t their pews full to overflowing with […]

3 questions every youth leader should ask themselves

A brand new podcast from the Fuller Youth Institute starts with a blinder of an ep. The new FYI on Youth Ministry pod from our friends at Fuller is a new podcast resource for people deep in the trenches with young people. In the first episode Kara Powell, co-author of Growing Young, talks about how […]

5 resources to help you run your youth ministry online

Feel like you’re losing? In this great post on the Fuller Youth Institute website Rachel Dodd opens up about a critical time in her ministry when everything changed – long before COVID-19. For her, the need to maintain normalcy in the midst of her situation was paramount. “My frantic attempts to keep programming moving forward […]

Dear Richard

When we engage young people in full depth and breadth of our gathering you’ll be surprised how they want to encourage us. The congregation at Terrigal I’m a part of is taking the bold move in re-starting our gathered worship times, and we’ve been working towards weekly live-streaming of our services. This is a development […]

HSC LOCK-IN offers community and support to Year 12 students

A tangible way for congregations, presbyteries and communities to support their senior school students. As a part of PULSE’s approach of working to provide events for young people that act as touchstones and develop a rite of passage within our movement we’re pleased to announce our first annual HSC LOCK-IN! Running for four days in […]