Transgender people and the church

In Australia, a number of recent policy changes have sought to make certain aspects of transgender people’s lives easier. In the past few years, governments in Victoria, Tasmania, and elsewhere have introduced policies such as changing the gender listed on official documents like driver’s licences.

Why is Lent important?

As Lent starts soon, it’s time to evaluate the deeper meaning of Lent. Maybe we embrace Lent because we intuitively realise these rhythms of spiritual life are part of giving our lives in worship—they have been in the Church for ages.

Lord’s Prayer Tracing Cross | Another Lent Resource

In Lent it’s important to offer ourselves fresh opportunities to connect with God. It is an important part of the Christian calendar to prepare us for the journey to the cross and resurrection.

Will Australia’s bushfires lead to climate action

Christians understand that new life can spring from devastation. From the despair of Jesus’ death came his resurrection and faith that changed the world.

Kids Camp Out 2020

Join us for Kids Camp Out (KCO) 2020 this autumn. 🙋‍♀️ The theme this year is ‘backpackers’! Wear your favourite hiking and exploring gear. It’s one of the easiest ways for kids from Years 3 – 6 to find out more about the wider Church, through a weekend away filled with fun, worship and learning activities! 🌟 […]

Great Sunday School resources

If you are looking for some great new resources for Sunday School for 2020, here are some that will help you out.

Christmas Prayer Spaces

God is a creative God and has made us as unique creatures. We all learn in different ways and if we are honest we all pray in different ways. For some people they like to pray in the quiet alone, for some out loud in Church,  for some they draw, for some they pray while […]

Moderator’s Christmas Message: God at risk

The most engaging stories draw us in. In the telling, we find ourselves no longer listening on the sidelines, or holding the book in our hands, but standing within the tale itself. The fear, the excitement, the confusion, entice us so that, without notice, the story becomes our own. We know that the story of […]

Greta Thunberg named person of the year by Time Magazine

Greta Thunberg has been named person of the year by Time Magazine in 2019. The 16 year old Swedish climate activist is the youngest person to be granted with this honour. Thunberg gained international attention for excoriating world leaders for their inaction in the climate crisis in a viral speech she made at the UN Climate Action […]

What Baby Yoda can teach us about Christmas

By now with The Mandalorian – the first live action TV series based in the Star Wars universe – on Disney + many may have noticed the most recognisable character to come out of Start Wars since R2D2 is the cuter than a button character dubbed by fans as Baby Yoda. Yes, Baby Yoda, or […]