Before Belief

Is it possible for children to experience faith before they can understand words? What would a child experience in your church as faith if they didn’t understand words? Bruce Stevens book Before Belief, discovering first Spiritual Practice -explores the space of experience in playing foundational work to a child’s encounter of the spiritual. Bruce’s understanding […]

Keeping Sunday School Simple

Keeping Sunday School Simple for EVERYONE! Having used grow ministry before I love that it is part of my resources toolbox. Though some churches have lost a focus on children since COVID, families with children have felt a heightened desire for support from their churches. Many parents have stepped up to bolster their spiritual guidance […]

Why should we invest in Emerging Gens?

This last week I was interviewed for Synod and one of the questions they asked was why should we invest in Emerging Gens? My answer was a pragmatic and practical one: If you want to grow the Church and have a pipeline of leaders, you need to invest in Young Adults. If you want young […]

The four C’s of online community

In response to the shutting down of our face-to-face ministry, a lot of us pivoted online to continue gathering. This meant some significant challenges in transforming during this unprecedented time. Blergh. Those words. I recently presented to an online gathering of youth workers and leaders around the nature of online community. I offered a consolidation […]

Leading change when everything has changed

In a time when disruption has become the accepted normal, how do we maintain developmental growth and change so that we don’t fall into a rut? Friend of the PULSE team and Director of Strategic Initiatives for the Fuller Youth Institute Jake Mulder recently dropped some knowledge around this notion of change in a time […]

Supporting all types of families over Easter!

What did you have planned for the Easter break? Were you going away? There are families all across Australia that had big plans that are now not happening. Families are trying to learn to share their lives on a whole new level together with little respite. For most, they are about to head into school […]

Enjoy the Unexpected Blessing

“You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax all you need is a book!” – Dr. Seuss These last few days have been scary and difficult for many of us. We don’t have a road map of what we’re currently experiencing, that in and of itself can bring up feelings of anxiety […]

PULSE Feb 2020 Newsletter

Every month the PULSE team will send out an e-mail newsletter, full of fresh ideas, resources and opportunities to help you in your ministry with Emerging Generations. Our first one looked like this: Did you get it? If not, you can read the full newsletter by clicking on the image above or check it out […]

Getting ready for Easter

An Illustrated Holy Week is a great resource for Children and Families. It was created by Illustrated Ministry to help children understand what happens between Palm Sunday and Easter. This resource includes Illustrated Children’s Moments, Children’s Worship Bulletin and Worship Guides. The Children’s Moments have 4 illustrated Bible stories from the lectionary on Palm Sunday […]

Engaging children with Mainly Music

As far as I can remember, Music has been intertwined together with my faith. A song to every theme, a hymn to every sermon and a simple chorus to every bible story.   Mainly Music is an awesome resource and encouragement group established to support and be part of start your children with music and being […]