Celebrating leadership | Pulse Pins: Above and Beyond Awards

Due to the generosity of Fresh Promotions, we want to be generous to people who make a difference to Emerging Gens in your Church! Recently we restocked our merchandise for the Pulse collective, it was a lovely surprise to find a community outreach programme that was able to support us! Fresh promotions had everything you […]

Level up your lockdown through online games

Everybody is over Zoom meetings already…so how can we continue to develop our relationships when we’re physically distant? I love gaming in almost all its forms, and thanks to 2021 gaming is more and more prevalent and connects us in all sorts of ways. Sometimes it’s instant-all-in-together; sometimes it’s turn about while we chat; still […]

Sharing peace in your neighbourhood

We continue the Covid challenge this week thinking about how we can bring the peace of God to those around us. The peace of God is talked about often in the bible. It is one of the beautiful gifts that God has given us, a reminder not to worry, for God is with us. As […]

Covid Caring Postcards

I live in Sydney and we are now heading into our 3rd week of Covid lockdown and it doesn’t look like it will be easing up any time soon.. The challenge for me has been how do I be a light in my community at these times? So each week I will set a challenge.. […]

Meet the new Children’s ministry mascots joining PULSE!

PULSE is excited to announce the latest members to join our team – these five are coming on board as our Children’s ministry mascots! To help welcome them to the team we are having a competition–You get to tell us who they are! The five are new however we we know so very little about […]

A warm community (fuelled by farts)

(Look, we all do it. Just calm down. Besides it got you reading this, didn’t it?) We’ve all felt it. We can tell when we walk into a church and they get what it means to make it feel warm. It’s not a temperature thing; it’s even more than a vibe. It’s a knowing without […]

Why not explore mentoring with young people?

Pulse is passionate about mentoring young people. Are you not sure where to start or how to go about it? In preparation for KCO we have created a short training video to encourage people to explore mentoring young leaders. Faith is something that is caught not taught, a mentoring relationship gives you and your congregation […]

“We are far too comfortable being Christian-ish…”

So what are we going to do about it? Finley Peter Dunne wrote in 1902 that the job of a newspaper is to “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable”. It’s a reasonable enough claim to suggest that the call of Christ on us as disciples is the very same. During this continuing COVID-affected time […]

Parents – get some rest! WE NEED YOU!

As I write my articles on the numerous events that are going on with PULSE, and the wider church, I seriously had to stop for a second and pause. Thinking about, all these upcoming events cannot happen without Parents and carer’s around us, lifting us up, inspiring us as see go though life. We are […]

Re-invent this Advent

Advent is a time of preparation and expectation…but what if all that got turned on its head by a global pandemic? Even though the rules have gently relaxed to kind-of sort-of allow for an outdoor Carols event we all know that’s going to be a nightmare to put together and make work. So how do […]