Our “home group” during Covid.

Our “home group” has been meeting fortnightly in the same house for a while. We share a cuppa and some food, catch up on what’s happening, do a bible study of some sort and pray together. Back in March, like everything else, our group stopped meeting in response to the emerging pandemic. We met a […]

PULSEmail Update

Earlier this year, when COVID19 first hit and we went into lock down, there was a need to help support our kids, parents, and emerging gen workers. As society transitioned to working and schooling at home, some losing jobs and others rearranging lifestyles, our KUCA clubs, Sunday Schools, and Youth Groups also had to adapt […]

Taking Jesus’ message seriously | GROWING YOUNG

Every church says they do – what does it mean when it comes to your ministry with Emerging Generations? One of the six core commitments of a church that is growing young is their dedication to take Jesus’ message seriously. Obviously every church says they do, so why aren’t their pews full to overflowing with […]

Online resources for Children and Families

As we yoyo back and forward between face to face and online, it can get exhausting and hard to know where to even start! So here are a bunch of online Ministry options to use with children and families. These are in no way exhaustive but they have been shared with us as something that […]

Birdie and the Virus

“Birdie felt sad and lonely because her friends couldn’t play games with her. She also felt worried. What is Mr Frog didn’t get better? What if everyone stayed sick forever?” Birdie and the Virus has been specifically designed to support the mental health and emotional well being of babies and young children, their parents and […]

5 resources to help you run your youth ministry online

Feel like you’re losing? In this great post on the Fuller Youth Institute website Rachel Dodd opens up about a critical time in her ministry when everything changed – long before COVID-19. For her, the need to maintain normalcy in the midst of her situation was paramount. “My frantic attempts to keep programming moving forward […]

It only takes one…

There has been some really interesting research coming out at the moment from across the world about where people who don’t attend Church, are at spiritually.It started a week ago when I was listening to the radio (yes I confess I listen to Christian radio) McCrindle had done some research and discovered that a third […]

Get Informed, Get Inspired, Take Action

The World Council of Churches (WCC) has released a collection of curated resources to support churches in their continuous efforts to promote care for young people through intergenerational climate and environmental justice. This toolkit was funded by the Keeling Curve prize and developed to support the Churches Commitment to Children Initiative. When it comes to […]

Kitchen Table Project

“We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his powers, and the wonders he has done.” Psalm 78:4 As we continue our journey through a time of Isolation, and where majority of worship and fellowship is online or at home, the Kitchen Table Project is a great tool to have in […]

How can congregations engage in the Messy experiences of life?

Messy Church is a fun and engaging ways to connect with families that are unlikely to turn up to traditional styles of worship. With the issues around Covid it has been difficult to know how to connect with families, the hope was that face to face was going to be back on track soon but […]